Volunteer information

Your time can make a big difference to the lives of people with a sensory loss in your community. Through volunteering NRASS benefit from the skills, experience, energy, enthusiasm and commitment that you bring. Here are some benefits you can gain through volunteering:-

  • it’s rewarding
  • it’s fun
  • make new friends
  • gaining new skills and experiences
  • become part of a team
  • use your free time in a positive way
  • gain valuable work experience for work or further education
  • do something different to your normal job
  • gain confidence
  • make use of your skills and experience

NRASS give all our volunteers a variety of opportunities that match them to a suitable vacant in the North East region. 

We will train you and pay your out of pocket expenses. But above all, we will value your involvement in our work.

Our volunteers help us in a wide variety of ways, they provide support and assistance for people with a hearing loss, train other volunteers and take part in campaigns or fundraising events.

As a charity we rely heavily on voluntary income to help fund the work we do. Why not take part in a challenge event, such as running a marathon or trekking the Great Wall of China. You could even run a local event for us. Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our fund raising.

If you have time to spare during the day, we can make use of your skills. This could be in administration. This could be by helping us updating our databases or assisting with paperwork. 

If you have a training background then we could use your talents to deliver our flexible training programme to our other volunteers.

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